Monday, 26 March 2012

The Lorats or The Lorax? :)

when big kids are home, we'll make way for them. eat, shop and movie nights..

*lil' miss missy hang on to daddy :)

*tickets bought, and now time for popcorns and some titbits. Hubs always make sure missy got what she likes before all of us seated, coz she's so good in making her dad keluar beli her chips in the middle of the movie!! haha..

 *after much discussion (haha), this was what we watched that day! hubs won't watched any movies without reading reviews. and this dr.seuss's was good.

*this was where we had our dins thereafter.

*giggling smpai nampak perot :)

*nak balik, tp ternampak ni...lama x gi bubba gump!! errr, pls excuse my sexeyh double chin :)) :p

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