Wednesday, 21 March 2012


another post in the same nite wudn't be that bad, ey? ;))

Last Friday, my mom's cousin came down to KL from Singapore. Mom's side ramai kat singapore. Her cousins and a granny who is still sihat Alhamdulillah live there. Whenever we're in Singapore, we will bunk-in in my mak ina's house. never in a hotel coz her abode is comfortable enough for 6 of us :) but, her other siblings will take turn serving us food. if sorang invite us for lunch, the other will prepare dinner for us. Thanx Allah for the bonding. 

They spent a night at our humble abode before went back to s'pore the following day. We took them to Island BBQ steamboat which owned by a dear friend for dinner that night. then went to mamak for good big breakfast on Saturday morning before we bid goodbye. So long uncle jack, cik ita, khadijah and ain. till we meet again some other time, Insyaallah.

*moi, si tuan rumah yg selebet on saturday morning :))

*it's hard to get my kids ready for cameras..dapat yang macam ni pon dah kira bagos :)

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