Wednesday, 21 March 2012

when we were in PD :)

Last monday, we paid our bestie Lenny a visit. No, we didn't go to her house, but we had lunch in Crow's Nest, Avillion PD instead! :) food was good, ambience was good too.  After hours of eating and chit chatting, we lepak2 skejap by the beach before we head home later that day. me and the other 2 girls had a good chat in my car. kejap gelak, kejap nanges (we laughed till air mata sumer pon keluar) hahaha :)) reminiscing the good old days together.

It took me quite some time to upload these pics, my friends.  'lazy bug' has struck me...adoi..malas sungguh after school, here it goes..

my school babes

goofing around after big luncheon :)

budak sontot yg super cute, suka isap 2 jari at one go and suka cakap 'antek' (cantik) whenever her pics were taken :))

ada orang tersalah pegang kaki orang lain..hahaa..she thought i'm her ibu :))

we had fun and it was really cool to drive somewhere out of town for a lil' chat wth someone you love. full stop. :)) 

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