Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Life isn't always good

Me and my hubs were in the car (without the kids) the other day and we talked about marriage.  About marriages around us and about our own marriage. Friends' or even family members'.   Yes, marriage is a big thing. It's our rezqi. Whether we will have a happy marriage with great solih and solihah kids around us or the otherwise. I believe we need to keep on having du'a(s) for that. Sometimes, our marriage is fine (we think it is), smooth sailing, we did every single thing which we think right to keep it solid, bloom and at its best. But negative vibes still make their ways to us. shattered. rocking. It is still a rezqi. From Allah Subhanahu wa ta'ala. 

Many, many things happened around us which we can learn from. We listened to people's stories, we saw on newspapers, we saw on telly, sometimes it happened in the family. Life isn't always great. Orang kata, jika kita tidak diuji, kita xkan matang. Which is true. But muga kita tidak diuji dengan ujian yang terlalu berat yg x mampu kita hadapi. Allah has something for us in his store. From the first day we were born. We don't know what will happen next, today, tomorrow and many more days to come. How sure we are that we gonna be happy for the whole week? we just don't. So, let's cherish the moments while we can. kiss your kids and your spouse when you bid goodbyes (my cousin highlighted this as well in her blog). Always, always do that. Life is short. Always count your blessing. Bersyukur atas apa yg dikurniakanNya. Be it a spouse, kids, house, cars, money.  etcetra. etcetra. It is sad to see something that we hold on to, shaky or even broken to pieces. If kita bersyukur, we won't ask for more.  well, we might ask for a lil' extra (human being, we are) but not way too much :) 

I remember once i told my relative (she's now performing her umrah), it is a rezqi for you to be called upon and to be able to perform umrah/hajj. You will look at your hubs with love when u see him waiting for you at the mosque's door. You will feel so touched when you see him waiting for you at the shoe rack in the mosque.  I had those feelings and i was super duper blessed with what i felt when i was there last year. Alhamdulillah. The point here is, bersyukur dengan pasangan kita, dengan ibubapa kita, dengan anak2 kita, dengan apa sahaja yang kita ada. We couldn't ask for more. Bersyukur for whatever rezqi kurniaan Ilahi.  Semua ini pinjaman. 

Take care.

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