Monday, 9 April 2012


hubs ajak the girls to fly their kites @ a park in Kepong called 'taman layang-layang' one sunday afternoon.

so we went there after Asar. Khadija was soooo happy that she didn't wanna go home eventhough dah petang. heheee..

we bought a bigger kite for her and now the girls have their own colourful kites. Hubs promised that he'll bring them again later. (last weekend was supposed to be our layang2 day, but we gave it a miss). Later la kita gi okay girls? now slalu la hujan...

*time to choose :)

* so, which one??

*finally, she chose this one. 

*she worked hard to make sure her kite soars in the sky :)

*but she needed help from sofie :)

* so serious!!

* waaa...steadynyerrrr..hehee

*sofie has a pretty kite too :))

went to McD for a quick dinner, then teros balik and solat maghrib. Next time kita gi lagi k girls :)


  1. very near to my mom's & MIL's house.. slalu gak gi sini....

  2. mimi - our first time ni..hehe..boleh repeat :)