Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Lazy Bug

lazy bugs hit me!! hence my hiatus mode was on for the past weeks! blame the bugs, not me! :))

i had few things going on in my life but i was too lazy to write, too lazy to transfers photos, crop them and post them here. ahhhh..my kemalasan is beyond control..i guess i was too tight up with my kindy stuff as i have to plan for school excursion, school sports day and many more.  This will be my 7th loyal year with the kindy. My mind and body were here for the past 7 long years! sometimes i really feel that this is were i belong, and when things didn't happen the way i wanted, i felt that gosh! i wanna be a full time homemaker at once!! (*my hubba hubs thought that i couldn't even survive the 1st precious week!) hahaa..he was so mean! but, true enough. am not ready to hang my whiteboard marker pens, red pens and books just yet. We'll see how it goes coz somehow, the smiles and antics of the younger generations in my kindy could make my hormones at a very comfortable level :) 

met my uitm-mate last sunday. she was here with the hubs and the gorgeous bubbly daughters. hubs is the famous Ajek Hassan (his acoustic songs on youtube are killer songs! u should listen) He's back and was performing @ Rebung, Bangsar last Saturday. I heard the crowd was ohsem!  they went back sunday night to their home sweet home in Perth, Australia. 

my friend gave missy a pretty tutu skirt, some yummy chocs and pretty shawls from Kami Idea (my fave!) thanx darling! and it was nice of baby (her youngest daughter) that she gave her pretty pink headband to missy as a souvenir! ada rezqi kita jumpa lagi k :)

Met leez yesterday @ subang parade. we had a quick lunch together before she flew to paris last night :) thanx leez for the goodies. i love the poncho u gave me. it will remind me of you, for sure :) and the fridge magnets and the toiletry bag courtesy from MAS. love u lots, leez!

till we meet again, bon voyage! :)

well, while i was typing this entry, my friend came with some goodies i asked her tolong belikan while she was in Europe last week. thanx mas!! love u lots too :)) after chit chatting bout her experience in PRADA and few other yummy boutiques in Rome and Switzerland, now that my tummy is grumbling!! haha..i just had tall caramel macchiato from starbucks for breakfast. terok kan? hehe..

so, i'm logging off now and wanna stuff my face with yummy food for lunch...till now then peeps!! daaaa...

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  1. u r not the only one who is struck with lazy bug....moi too dah lebih 3 bulan tak hapdet blog!! :P