Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Missing my lappy

Now that my laptop has been in Kuantan, safe and sound wth her new owner (my daughter). I can't spend much time blogging. padan muka i kan? when the lappy was lying around at home, i x sebok pon nak blogging for like 2 good months! tsk! now i need to buy a new one. but my tabung belom cukup for a macbook! double tsk!!  I don't want to buy a spanking new lappy for my kids. I want them to know that things don't come easy. by snapping fingers! of course u could snap your fingers, but new stuff won't be infront of you just by asking your parents to get them for you!  that's why i gave her my old but still pretty lappy for her to use at her school.  kids these days, are difficult to deal with. If money grows on trees, it will totally be different! haha..

so, no laptop = no blogging, WITH PHOTOS!

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