Friday, 2 November 2012


I am...OLD. Capital letter. nothing else matter. Nada! sebab tadi i jumpa white hair on my head! dush!

yes. i think i am old. coz my kids are growing taller, bigger, more handsome (he's handsome enough for me oh yeah! at least there are some cute girls in his school like him -the kakak told me that- hahaaa), cuter, wiser, etcetra etcetra.  O Allah! please guide us to be better ummah.

but of coz there are loads of improvement needed. kakak will b sitting for her PMR exam next year (head will start pounding from : NOW!). bukan nak risau lebih but living in Malaysia with weird kinda education system, i have to be worried. but that comes with du'a and hardwork. Insyaallah ada rezqi my kids berjaya both in dunia and akhirat.

talking about weird education and school system here in Malaysia, i was so sad when my 8yo daughter came home with a sad face yesterday. she is a prefect in her school but after some 'setoopid' kinda interview and appraisal done at school, she will not be one next year. how could you see your child sangat upset that she's no longer needed  to berkhidmat untuk sekolah anymore. what should you tell them? she's not the only one been dropped. there are many more poor kids yang telah dilucutkan jawatan. and  the the appraisal form was not well prepared. well, it has her name written there, apart from that, the particulars and details were not filled up. 

she's my 3rd child with many antics. yes, she didn't score that well in her final exam which just ended last week! buy hey! i consider 90% and above for all subjects are good. good job well done Sofie! you are my star.  as i argued with my hubs, apakah kriteria2 yang diperlukan untuk seseorang budak itu menjadi pengawas? we cudn't figured it out. you have to be smart, yes i think she's okay. not the smartest but she's smart alright, Alhamdulillah. you have to be one good kid. yes, she has antics but kat school she's fine. that's what i heard from her class teacher last year. she's a good kid alright. you have to be discipline. yes, i think she fits that well. what else? well i don't see why she can't teruskan perjalanan dia as a prefect next year and the years after.  note to teachers, better jgn ambik small kids pikul tanggungjawab tu. appoint masa dorang besar sket. what do you expect them to answer the questions asked during the interview.  but i told her nevermind, let's be positive. you could be a better student. we will improve that together Insyaallah. but my message to the teachers, you better work your system out. buat betul2. kids will be demoralized. i know my girl is sbb at last of our conversation, she said "it's okay ibu. mana tau entah2 sofie dpt jadi ketua kelas next year?" see? she is sad. period.

whatever it is Sofie, we will always love u!

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