Monday, 31 December 2012

thirty first december, twenty twelve :)

I had my frap and hot caramel macchiato on the last day of 2012 :)

and i also had beef chilli fries earlier on for hefty lunch! courtesy of Carl's Jr :)

kids requested for a barbie again so i thought let's do it. esok dorang dah kena balik hostel dah. my house will be sunyi again..sob sob..lucky i have 2 other small girls to tickle and kiss kiss :)

we started before 6 pm, makan by 7, stopped halfway for maghrib and sambung again sampai perot dah full :)  bibik pon joined us after maghrib. it's lovely having bbq once a while. kids love to eat and we are happy to spend our precious time together as a family. Thanx Allah.  muga 2013 dikurniakan lebih barakah InShaAllah..

till we meet again :) toddles!

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