Sunday, 30 December 2012

barbie on saturday

before 2012 closes its curtains, i thought that it would be great to have a barbecue with siblings and cousins.

so we had our barbie yesterday! my cousin came with laksam and yummy desserts.  my other cousin came with marinated chickens (4 whole chickens!). I prepared prawns, squids, drinks and fruits and of coz cozy BBQ place with lotsa LOVE :)  my bro came with sweet mangos and empty tummy. hehee..

we started grilling @ 4pm and had our tummy full by 7pm and ready for maghrib prayer.  they left at about 8 pm with smiles on the kids' faces. everyone had fun especially the kiddos. PRICELESS!

when we bid farewell, my cousin told me "we should do barbie again soon. so, next school hols will be in march! let's have it somewhere cooler...air terjun??" my replied was just "Let's!!!" :)) thanx Allah for the strong family bond between us and nothing beats FAMILY TIES :)

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