Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Ballarat ~ twenty twelve

Before we head to ballarat, we had breakfast and roaming around the backyard.  kutip lemons and oranges! apple trees masih 'mati'.  if not, the kids wud have loved to kutip apples!

this time, baru nak spring...we could see bunga2 rumput baru keluar..pretty.  I've never experienced spring/autumn just yet. Insyaallah ada rezqi, i wanna experience mid spring/autumn.

masa ni baru sampai.  sejuk and drizzling. crowd baru nak building up.

i bought one of the cute signages with pretty wooden frame and hang it on my kitchen wall :)

too cold that we had to make a pit stop at the fire place.

i love their costumes.

daddy made this macho guy said "Happy Birthday, young man!!!" on adam's special day :)

i bought yummy soaps for souvenirs. shud have bought more!!!

one for the camera! :))

singgah bakery and bought yummy pastries :)


loveeeee this general store! felt like i was living in their world :)

well, someone's pretty was knitting!!

 pretty people, people!!!!

 on our way back, we singgah IKEA after hantar the car. we walked in the cold for 10 good minutes! hehee..waited for our friends to pick us up :)

 the girls had ice-cream and we had coffee..

it was adam's birthday that day, so we got him a cake, some yummy biryani and pizza yg sangat lavish toppings dia! sedap nya smpaikan while typing this, i still terasa kesedapan dia kat tekak i nih..hehee

 it's my precious family photo :) Alhamdulillah..

it was a good day indeed. Ballarat and Birthday do indeed made us happy. apa lagi dgn dikelilingi good friends and their charming kids. we're blessed.

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