Tuesday, 25 December 2012


It's been a while since i last wrote.

Now that i have a newbie at home, i can blog anytime i want. not that i have fans over here on blogspot but heck! no one cares :)

School holidays is almost over. kids stuff lying here and there in my tiny home. once they are back in their school, i can have the house all for myself. not that the maid doesn't know how to kemas, but she dares not to touch the kids stuff before asking them. risau kot hilang or misplaced things, i always ask the kids themselves kemas their own things. easier that way.

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we didn't have extravaganza plan during the school hols as the dad has no more cuti for the year (he needs the cuti for important days i.e 1st day of school etc)

so we headed to Melaka and PD for a short break.  went to his good friend's home in Melaka and went out for dinner together in Sg. Duyung for ikan bakar treat.

#alcheaposcarf #lawalawa (not that i am lawa but i bought the shawl from a shop called lawa-lawa :))


took this photo from the car. the road is so serene. we drove from PD via coastal road all the way to Melaka and it felt like as if we were in australia :) awesome view

on our way back home, we singgah zoo melaka. kids had fun, hop on and off the tram and khadija was so thrilled when daddy let her ride the poney.

we thought of going to singapore to my uncle's place but the time doesn't permit us to do so. next time maybe.

till i write again. toddles!

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  1. Seronak yaaa buleh macbook baru..i kan ada peminat setia u..awwwww!!