Sunday, 18 November 2012

Melbourne ~ twenty twelve

We bought 6 tickets to Melbourne, Australia 8 months early just to get a good bargain.  Once we started holidaying with the kids, x sampai hati to leave the kids whenever we have intention to go on holiday again.  x kesah la cuti-cuti malaysia or kalau we decide to go overseas lagi la kesian nak leave them back home. It was when we went to Istanbul - Madinah - Makkah last year je we left the kids with my inlaws and the maid.

so on the 4th raya, we took the afternoon flight to Melbourne.  kids were superb coz you juz need to feed them whenever they feel hungry just to make them quiet. haha...We reached there at midnite, hubs got our rented mpv and we waited for our friend to come and 'pick' us up. There's a gps in the car, but our friend didn't want us to lost our way in the middle of the night as gps sometimes can go crazy. showing you mengarut roads which will detour you to nowhere! so kind of our friends to not wanting that thing happen to us :)

we bunked in for the night at their house after had a delish mee campbell.  it was so nice of her.  she cooked for us walaupon the kids dah kenyang from the rounds of meals dalam flight.  My friend and her hubs with 4 kids are in Melbourned doing their PHD for 3 years.

Day 1

We started the next morning early.  We went to Phillip Island and later to a small Kangaroo place coz khadija wanted to have a glimpse of kanga and the roos. so we obeyed :)

we passed through small towns. lovely.

khadija with the roo :)

it was cold. and windy. orang cakap, kat phillip island ni masa summer pon maseh sejuk. we didn't wait for penguin watch sbb maghrib awal. kids were cold and tired. we gave it a pass. ada rezqi bila2 sampai lagi Insyaallah..

moi, waiting to feed the kangaroo yg tak heran pon kat makanan ni..haha

on our way back, the dad wanted to singgah at the circuit..penuh dgn kangaroos jugak. hehee..

daddy was happy and so did the kids :) off we went home to kejar time coz we need to send the car back to the car rental co.

hubs wanted to extend the car, so here we're trying our luck and hoped that the car will be available for the next day. and yes, it did :) Alhamdulillah. so, kids..esok bangun awal lagi sbb nak jalan lagi :)

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