Monday, 5 November 2012

I wanna go to Ha-wee-wee and meet my zing :)

howdy folks!
how's your weekend? mine was tiring but indeed it was a great weekend.
My friend and her family came to our house on Saturday for tea.  With her whole lot. They are back from Melbourne for a month.  I guess i should plan for a holiday for both families. It would be fun! coz my kids love theirs and they love us! hahaa.. I cooked kuzi ayam, fried meehoon and i ordered yummy cake from That Last Slice ~ her cakes are wonderful. you can get them from Tea Republic BV and also at The Bee.
We took the girls out for a movie @ TGV, KLCC on Sunday. It was Hotel Transylvania Sunday. Great movie! I laughed like crazy sampai air mata pun keluar..hahaaa!!

 *love this daddy-lil' girl-moment...Mavis (Selena Gomez) is Drac's daughter...I didn't expect that Drac is a lovely father and he can sing and rap at the same time! walla!

*this is Johnny..who's very funny, clumsy and outspoken guy. He travels a lot and He's Marvis' zing..hehee..

Love 'em all...Definitely will watch over and over again when they appear on telly :)

*khadija was amused with the 'flying makcik' on Maxis's wall..hehee..


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